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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Do You Know That You’re Eating Plastic?

Do You Know That You’re Eating Plastic?

It pains me to write this, but you need to be increasingly cynical with your food. It’s no longer good enough to count calories to see if a meal will wreak havoc on your diet.


This cynicism needs to exist because food corporations, on almost every stage of production, are doing everything they can to squeeze as much profit out of their product at the expense of your family’s health and wellbeing.

Don’t Believe the PR

These corporations spend billions in advertising trying to convince you that they’re family friendly, natural, and good for your health. The reality, unfortunately, cannot be further from these claims.

It all sounds nice, but you need to remember that all additions to their products are made to extend their shelf life and improve the overall marketing “look” so they can increase their profits.

You need to ask yourself if having food that looks pretty or lasts longer on some supermarket’s shelves brings anything of value to your health.

The Visible Dangers of Food

Let’s begin with pesticides. In the nineteenth century they were actually organic because they were made from chrysanthemum extracts. The real problem began in the late 1940s, with the discovery and rampant use of DDT.

The result is terrifying. First of all, Monsanto is gradually to own natural seeds through really shady patent applications, meaning that if they have their way, every single human being will be eating their noxious products.

Second, these “improved” fruits and vegetables offer no additional nutritional benefits at the cost increasing the toxins in your diet and the development of antibiotic resistant bacteria. Or even cause gluten allergies.

The worst part is that FDA, the very government agency meant to protect us, still allows Monsanto to get away with these ethically “all business” decisions.

In fact, the FDA is actually allowing these plastics into your food.

You May Be Eating This Plastic

Polydimethylsiloxane is common silicon compound that is normally used for caulking, shampoos, silly putty, cosmetics, medical devices, and contact lenses.

Although it’s been vetted by the FDA as safe for consumption, it was banned as a breast implant because it is not a biodegradable and it raised many red flags in terms for safety.

So What Does This Plastic Have to Do With Food?

This plastic compound is normally used as a defoaming agent. What is a defoaming agent? It prevents the formation of foam in liquids. For big business it’s just another way to extend their product’s shelf life.

Unfortunately this compound is used in the cooking oils in some hamburger joints, the bread in most buns, and even the cheese in some pizza chains.

This is why we need to take control in of what we eat by being involved in all aspects of our food. Always try to make sure you go for the stuff that’s 100% organic!

Although DDT was banned in 1972, large pesticide manufacturers kept on offering effective yet still deadly pesticides to producers.

The latest offender is Monsanto’s Roundup because it’s still yet another glyphosate derivative that is extremely toxic to human cells. The damage caused takes form in increased chances for birth defects or even some form of cancers.

The other danger, genetically modified food, seems innocuous but might be a bigger threat to your health. Under the guise of improving our food supplies and the nutritional value of our vegetables companies like Monsanto are modifying the world’s crops.


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