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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Why Garlic Is Good For Your Health

Why Garlic Is Good For Your Health

Garlic is a staple of many cuisines around the world. Loads of our favorite recipes wouldn’t be the same without those little white bulbs. But have you ever heard of black garlic? It has everything we love about white garlic, but takes things a few steps further.

Though it may appear so, black garlic isn’t actually a special type of garlic; just the same stuff you’d buy in regular grocery stores.

A fermentation process that lasts around 45 days transforms both the color and aroma of the garlic. It’s important to store the garlic between 110-160°F for the color change to take place. The taste will also become slightly sweeter and nearly reminiscent of balsamic vinegar. You could surely try making it by yourself, but it takes quite a bit of foresight and heat. It’s probably easier to just buy it from a reputable source.

You may wonder where this tradition comes from? Black garlic has its origins in Asia. It has been considered a delicacy in China, Korea, and Japan for centuries. This tasty treat has slowly found its way to Europe and North America via trade and foodie culture. It’s already a beloved part of Spanish cuisine and is growing in popularity elsewhere.

Impressive Properties of Black Garlic:

1. Protein boost

Black garlic is a real showoff in terms of protein. A single clove has the same amount of protein as an entire head of white garlic. The fermentation process boosts the protein content, making it a fantastic food for athletes.

2. Say goodbye to bad breath

We’ve all been there: our hands reek after chopping garlic and if you’ve gone a little heavy on the garlic the night before, your body emanates the smell for a solid 24 hours. This isn’t the case with black garlic. Its aroma is noticeably weaker, keeping both your breath and skin smelling fresh.

3. A healthy kick

Similar to its white relative, black garlic has anti-inflammatory properties, boosts the immune system, and is healthy for digestion. Garlic is also beneficial for blood circulation. It’s high in vitamin C and a series of other healthy enzymes.

Where can I find it?

Black garlic is often available in Asian supermarkets as well as certain organic shops and specialty grocers. Otherwise, it’s available online from a number of vendors.

You can use black garlic exactly like you use white garlic. Just remember the taste is slightly different. You can find some recipe ideas here. If you’re brave enough to try it, you won’t be disappointed, and your body and those around you will thank you for it! Give it a try!


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