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Friday, June 3, 2016

Your Blood Type Reveals Much About Your Health

Your Blood Type Reveals Much About Your Health

Do you know that women with blood type A are more fertile? However, they are also more likely to have stomach cancer.

Those with blood type O have lesser risk of heart attacks. But they are at increased risk of blood pressure. Those with blood type B are at higher risk of pancreatic cancer.

Blood has 4 group types. They are A, B, AB and O and most of us know about this.

Then there are 2 Rh factors, which are symbolized by plus and minus. The Rh factors are what we inherit from our parents.

According to the Nazi doctor, Dr. Otto Rehe, the Aryans have group A blood type and they are considered superior to those having blood type B. Due to this reason research related to understanding the importance of blood types for human health was not taken as crucially for a long time.

But modern researches show that specific blood types are correlated to specific diseases. They also show the benefits of each blood group for human health.

So let’s find out what each blood type means for the health of the person.

Blood Group A Type
Higher risk of becoming a drinker, more fertile!

If you have blood type A, you are at higher risk of developing cancer of the stomach. If you are a woman, you are able to become pregnant even during older age, as you loss lesser egg cells at that time.

But women with blood group A type are at enhanced risk of stomach cancer. The risk increases further if you are a smoker and often like to enjoy alcoholic drinks. It has also been found that blood A has some relation to affinity towards alcoholism. It also has relation to obsessive compulsive disarrays.

Blood Group B Type
Enhanced risk of ulcers, greater metabolism!

If you have blood type B, you are at increased risk of developing pancreatic cancer. You are also more likely to have memory issues, Alzheimer’s and dementia in the older age. You are also more likely to suffer from infections and ulcers.

However, people with B type blood have greater metabolism and find it easier to build muscles.

Blood Group O Type
Lower fertility but lesser risk of heart attack!

If you have blood type O, you are almost 25% less likely to have heart attack or stomach cancer. But there is higher risk of having stomach ulcers due to bacteria Helicobacter pylori. If you are a man with blood type O, you are more likely to suffer from obesity.

It is 2 times more likely for women to have lesser number of and poorer quality eggs. This can affect their fertility.

But you will be more immune to stress. If you are in a traumatic event, your stress hormone levels (cortisol levels) decrease faster.

Blood Group AB Type
Quality vision, higher risk of heart attacks!

Women with blood group AB type are at higher risk of developing ovarian cancer. Pregnant women are at more vulnerable to the development of increased blood pressure- preeclampsia.

If you have AB type blood, you have higher chances of developing heart disease and stroke. Other potential problems can include digestive issues such as Crohn’s ailment and chronic gastritis.

But your cortisol levels remain stable for longer durations after traumatic events. This increases your stress resistance. According to the Huffington Post, people with AB blood group are also less likely to have eyesight issues.

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