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Friday, July 15, 2016

Do You Suffer From Cracked and Dry Feet? THIS Will Get Rid of It For Good

Dry, rough or cracked heels, is a common problem most people face at one time or another. With summer here, we become more conscious of it as our feet are exposed in sandals. The reason our feet suffer from intense dryness is that there are no oil glands in them, making sweat glands their sole source of moisture, as they bear the weight of our entire body each day.

Cold weather, drying soaps, aging, low humidity, overly hot and prolonged showers and sun exposure are the usual suspects that contribute to dry feet, according to “Foot Vitals.” Their recommendations for home remedies include a 10-minute lemon juice foot bath, because the acid helps to dissolve dead skin; a homemade cream of olive oil mixed with lavender essential oil or lemon help to soothe and heel.

Livestrong” recommends Vaseline spread over your entire feet and covered with cotton socks overnight for a great healing effect over time, as well as an exfoliating scrub with equal parts of olive oil and brown sugar for 10-15 minutes. Sesame Oil, Honey and Milk as well as some other great solutions are illustrated in the VIDEO below. It offers some easy-to-follow remedies to resolve troublesome cracked heels.

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