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Sunday, July 10, 2016

You've Been Breathing The Wrong Way Your Entire Life

Do you know what the naturopathic approach it when it comes to health? Instead of looking for any symptoms, a doctor utilizing this approach will look for the causes. It might seem strange since you usually go to the doctor to check for symptoms, but the results of this approach will make you appreciate it.

When you get rid of the cause, you stop the symptoms. This means that you no longer need drugs that can cause side effects. Through the naturopathic approach, you get to achieve genuine wellness. In relation to this, people have to realize that pelvic floor or any musculoskeletal issues should be approached through the treatment of causes and not symptoms.

And this is where your breathing process is important. If you want to directly affect the condition of your pelvic floor, you should breathe properly.

Check out the story below to know how!

There are three main ways to breathe effectively and solve pelvic floor issues.

You see, your lungs and your thoracic cavity can be imagined as containers. If you want to take the air in and get it out, the container has to change shape.

In order to do this, you simply have to place your hands around your ribcage at the lower portion before inhaling.

Through rib breathing, each exhale will contract the ribs.

Using the rib breathing method, you have effectively increased the circumference of your lungs and thoracic cavity.

The next method is called chest breathing.

Chest breathing means to elevate the shoulder girdle whenever you inhale.

When you do chest breathing, the air flows mostly in the upper section of your lungs.

This happens because you’ve basically made the space of your thoracic container larger at the upper portion.

The final method is diaphragm breathing.

When you do this method, you are basically attempting to increase the size of your respiratory container at its lower section.

Diaphragm breathing is also called belly breathing.

If you have ever been in yoga classes, then you are probably aware of this kind of breathing.

All of these methods will allow you to put some air into your lungs.

However, only rib breathing can achieve this goal without harming other parts of your body.

You see, chest breathing develops and upward force that basically hurts the discs of your neck.

Likewise, diaphragm breathing can be bad because it can create pressure in your abdominal cavity and your pelvic floor.

And if you continue creating downward pressure, your pelvic floor will be overloaded by this force.

If this happens, you will start to feel pain. Thus, solving a pelvic floor issue requires you to breathe properly


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