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Friday, January 29, 2016

If You Are Experiencing Headaches, Brittle Hair, And Acne, You May Be Having This Deficiency

If You Are Experiencing Headaches, Brittle Hair, And Acne, You May Be Having This Deficiency

When it comes to the overall health of our body’s, we must look for signs of any kind of deficiencies that may already have a hold on us. Those who experience headaches, cramps, brittle hair/nails, and forming acne/bumps on the surface of their skin all may be warning signs your body is sending you for to fix whatever is causing these problems. We aim to help you be able to identify these issues before they get too out of control.

1. Cramps/Headaches: Magnesium Deficiency

You need magnesium in order for your body to properly have a functioning nervous system. This is crucial for the relaxation of your muscles. To even further persuade you, magnesium is used to keep away headaches and cramping as well as sleep disorders. Be sure to consume your daily dose of leafy greens.

2. Brittle Nails/Hair: Biotin Deficiency

Biotin is used for you to have healthy and shiny hair. The vitamin B7 or known as biotin isn’t exactly something that appears to be common when it comes to deficiencies.

3. Loss Of Hair: Iron Deficiency
If you have begun the process of losing your hair, this could mean that your body is having a deficiency in iron intake. Iron is one of the most crucial minerals for our body, simply for the fact that its role is to help supply our hair follicles with necessary oxygen as well as important nutrients. Iron deficiencies can also result in anemia in addition to hair loss.

4. Acne Problems: Zinc Deficiency

If you have begun to find yourself riddled with acne, this may because you are not getting enough zinc into your diet. Zinc is the reasoning for colors and brightness within our complexion. It also is in charge of controlling the amount of oil our skin produces. It is also used to help control any acne that wants to surface on your skin.

Hopefully this introduction was enough to help you clarify a couple of issues.

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