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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Swallowing Men's Milk Keeps You Young

Swallowing Sperm Keeps You Young

Just when men thought that a woman who doesn’t swallow will never swallow while performing or*l s*x, news comes in that sperm holds the key to the fountain of youth. Open wide, ladies.

A new study conducted by the scientists over at Graz University discovered that a compound called spermidine, found in sperm, increases longevity in human blood cells, by protecting them from damage.

Although human trials are a long way off, researcher Tobias Eisenberg called the find the “holy grail of age research.”

While I am skeptic about the whole thing – it is men making the claim after all, I can’t help but think that this makes perfect sense.

Think about it: sperm is what contributes to the creation of a baby, so why wouldn’t sperm contain the compound needed to restore or maintain youth?

Now if you’ll excuse me… it’s not going to suck itself, you know.


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