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9 Things You’re Doing Wrong Before 9 A.M.


How you spend the morning hours can affect your health, spirit, and success. Are you the hustling type who hits snooze but still goes through the motions in the fog? Maybe you’re an A-player teammate who reaches for your phone the moment you open your eyes to get back on the ball. In either instance, your good intentions and effort to keep up could actually be causing you to commit some surprising, morning mistakes.


You’re hitting snooze

Did you know that hitting snooze can mess up your entire day? “Drocking,” the official term for slipping in and out of sleep, can confuse your brain and body and cause something called sleep inertia, which leaves you feeling foggy and can last all day.

Adam Tishman, sleep expert and co-founder of Helix told Byrdie, “When your alarm goes off again, your body and brain are confused, resulting in that foggy feeling called sleep inertia. Sleep inertia can stay with you throughout the day, making you actually feel more tired throughout the day.”

Skip hitting snooze to start your day in a solid way; it might be tough to get up at first, but you’ll feel much more alert.


You’re making your phone the top priority.

It might be tempting to reach for your phone as soon as you open your eyes, but starting your day by scrolling through email or your social media feeds can get in the way of a more mindful start. Keep this in mind and refuse to focus on what you didn’t do yesterday, what people need from you, or what others are doing during your early hours.

Once you feel present, you’ll be much more equipped to handle the influx of information.

eating, breakfast

You’re skipping breakfast.

A study by The Nutrition Society found that eating breakfast contributed to adolescent’s daily energy intake by on average 15.7% in boys and 14.9% in girls. Further, the intake of all selected micronutrients was significantly higher in consumers of good-quality breakfasts.

SF Gate reports that breakfast helps replenish your blood sugar to help your brain and body function best when you wake up. You don’t need to stomach a big breakfast right when you wake up to reap the benefits of fueling your body early in the day. A piece of toast with nut butter, some fruit paired with a hard-boiled egg, or a protein-packed yogurt may be all it takes to kick your system into gear. Without eating in the morning, you’re more like to feel tired and overeat later.


You’re failing to hydrate early.

Wellness pros love to start their day with water and for good reason: It’s a tasty way to begin hydrating for the day and helps improve digestion. If water isn’t your cup of tea, reach for a cold cucumber or berry-infused water to feel refreshed. Fill your favorite water bottle before you go so you can keep sipping once you’re out the door.


You’re planning too much for early mornings.

Rushing around in the morning can set a stressful tone for your entire day. A 2007 study found that meditation can actually increase your efficiency and attentional focus. Instead of scheduling yourself for a morning exercise class, coffee meeting, and to do errands all before you get to the office, carve out time to center yourself for what’s on your schedule. Sit quietly, use simple breathwork, meditate, or journal to find focus for yourself. If you need morning time for errands, try your best simplify your agenda or ask for help so you can slow down.


Drinking too much caffeine

Too much caffeine isn’t a good thing; it can raise your blood pressure, make your irrational, and cause insomnia. Instead of reaching for multiple cups of a caffeinated drink early in the day, switch to another comfort beverage like decaf tea. If you need an energy boost, try eating an apple instead — the fruit has a good mix of calories and carbohydrates, and it’s packed with healthy minerals and vitamins.


You’re procrastinating your important tasks.

Success coach Brian Tracy uses the term “eating your frog” to talk about crushing the most challenging or dreadful tasks instead of procrastinating about them. If you eat your frog early in the day, you’ll spare yourself from the burden of knowing you have to get to it later. And, if your day goes completely sideways, you’ll find relief in knowing you already got the important stuff done.


You’re not stretching.

Stretching is one of the best things you can do for your body each morning. The experts at the American Council on Exercise suggest that stretching in the morning helps support your energy throughout the entire day. Even more, it can help you feel peaceful and help you lose weight without having to complete a sweat session you hate.

For improved health and a more composed morning routine, spend five to 10 minutes stretching your side, calves, shoulders, and glutes. If you want more, round out your short series with a chair, bridge, cobra or lunge pose to target your back and legs.


You’re thinking negatively.

A study in the Journal of Psychotherapy Research found that participants who wrote down what they were grateful for reported significantly better mental health than those in the expressive and control conditions, whereas those in the expressive and control conditions did not differ significantly.

Instead of glossing over gratitude, take five minutes to think of a simple thing or two that reminds you why you’re hustling.

Before you know it, you’ll look forward to ruminating on the most positive aspects of your life and will be grateful to get out of bed each morning.

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