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Doctors Believe Eating Your Boogers Strengthens Your Immune System


Remember the good old elementary days, the days when you try to eat everything at least once. I preferred paste, but a lot of my fellow peers went to their own nose for hunger pains. Boogers, in those days weren't considered gross, nor were any of them afraid to show off their nose picking habits either. I distinctly remember one day when we were making crafts for our parents, this one child made a pie of glitter and boogers, he of course left later that day complaining of a stomach ache from the glitter. He actually wasn't so insane for using boogers as the icing to his pie. Today there is sufficient evidence to show that consuming boogers, also called, mueophagy, on a regular basis is actually a good thing for your health.

Your nose acts like a filter to in the air you breathe, just like an air filter your home. It catches and collect dust and bacteria that your nose doesn't feel is a good idea to suck into your lungs, over time it all collects and settles to what we call a booger. Then the person picks their booger, eats it, and the process starts all over again.

A doctor in Australia has come up with sufficient research that states that what we don't know is that after we eat it, the boogers actually acts like a low grade flu shot. We eat the bacteria, the immune system fights off the bacteria, causing our immune system to strengthen. It acts just like a medicine would.

Another great advantage to picking your nose is that you get all those hard to reach places, hankies and tissues don't get. This causes a much cleaner nose and easier breathing. Sounds like a good deal to me.


Today people are sick because they cannot fight off bacteria anymore because they lost the benefits of a strong immune system. The cause, the use of too many antibiotics, and not letting our body fend for ourselves.

Back in the day of the cavemen, and when we weren't exposed to the likings of today's behavior, I'm sure they were booger eaters. In fact I'm positive they were because only manners have made booger eating a bad thing. So think of a local food fest, ok now I'm going a little too far with this.

I wouldn't suggest making boogers part of your daily diet, but maybe not being so disgusted when you see someone doing it, because they obviously know something you don't. I also wouldn't suggest sneezing into or onto someone else because maybe they don't feel the same way about the "booger diet" as you do. I personally never was a booger eater, and I will never be, because the thought is disgusting, but there are some people out there that are open to try new things.

So when your teacher gives you a call and tells you that your child has a bad habit of picking their nose, and would like to try and get them to stop. Think back to this article and tell them that your child is just being healthy


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