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Medicinal Uses Of Alcohol, Yes, Beer Can Be Healthy!

We find solace in alcohol in more ways than one. Most of us can relate to the movie Hangover, but alcohol has medicinal properties if used in the right manner.

Today we are looking at booze and which drink breaks the medicinal barrier. Here's a rundown of the medicinal uses of alcohol through history and time.

Stepping back in time

Alcohol was a favored remedy for snake bites, as an antiseptic, and was also used as an anesthetic too. In the old days, physicians would give patients whiskey shots before an operation.

After the Sars epidemic we have stocked up on hand sanitizers and wipes, but back in the day alcohol was the popular antiseptic of choice.

Vodka is used in medicine very often. Usually they use 40% Vodka or medical alcohol. You should not use other kinds of Vodka or alcohol for treating yourself. There are kinds of technical alcohol that can kill you and there is low quality vodka that can make you very sick.



However, if you use the advised kind of Vodka or medical alcohol it will help you very much. Disinfection is one of the most important Vodka’s properties. When you cut yourself of get a small wound, you should clean the wound with Vodka in order not to get any infection. Sometimes when you shave, your skin gets micro wounds. Very many pimples appear on the next day. To prevent this from happening you should clean your face with Vodka beforehand. This way it will help you to fight against pimples.

If you have a boil full with pas Vodka will also help. In this case, you should applya Vodka compress to the boil for the night. It will prevent from further forming of pus or at least will slow it down. If it does not help, you can apply another compress that has two layers. First you apply a napkin with the “Vishnyovskiy’s ointment” and then you put a napkin moistened with Vodka.

If you got erysipelatous inflammation and you are prohibited to use any ointments, you can use Vodka to moist the inflamed skin. It will localize the infection and will not let it go deeper under the skin.

Vodka help from other aches too. When you got the “shooting” pains in your ears, you can stop the pain with help of Vodka. You should add some water to Vodka and drop several drops into your ear.

Vodka can also be used as an anti-fever medicine because of its property to evaporate very fast. To lower somebody’s temperature you should rub Vodka into his chest and back. Let him lie uncovered in order to let the alcohol evaporate. The temperature will lower after this treatment. The same property of Vodka can help if you burned yourself. You should lubricate the burnt skin with Vodka at once. While evaporating it will cool the burnt skin and it will reduce the pain. Besides, you will not get any bubbles if you use Vodka in time. Vodka can also reduce the shock pain. If you have no pain relief pills, you can use it. You should drink 100 grams of Vodka.


Its benefits include treatment of ulcerative colitis, irritable bowel syndrome, colon cancer and Crohn disease.

The compounds of blue agave (the cactus used for making tequila) showed nice results in studies performed at the University of Guadalajara in Mexico.

This development could be the first step in better treatments for ulcerative colitis, irritable bowel syndrome and other conditions involving the colon.

The deliver of drugs in to the colon has been a challenge for the doctors dealing with colon and rectal diseases.

Many drugs are destroyed by acids at the stomach. This could be avoided by the compounds of tequila, a type of polysaccharide known as fructans (a fructose polymer). This compound resists the destruction in the stomach and could let that drugs reach the colon without problems.

“This study showed that the agave fruit is not good just for making tequila, but it’s good because of its medicinal value. Agave’s fructan is the ideal natural transporter of drugs”, said Guillermo Toriz.

Natural Sweetener

Agave nectar is a natural, low-glycemic sweetener that does not spike the blood-sugar level. It is an alternative sweetener for diabetics and for people on diets. 

Healing Properties

It contains saponins and fructans, which have anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. It is often used as a holistic medicine for cuts, burns and rashes.



Jagermeister is a German 70-proof (35% abv) digestif made with 56 herbs and spices. Since it's a digestive it is served after a meal.

Did you know Jagermeister was originally called Goring-Schnapps? It is a hunter's drink, this is why when translated it spells - hunt-master.

Jagermeister was developed as a digestive and as a cough remedy. It clears out minor cold and congestion. A shot of cold Jagermeister will soothe your cold, cough and sore throat.



Ouzo is an anise-flavored aperitif that is widely consumed in Greece and Cyprus, and a symbol of Greek culture.

Ouzo has its roots in the 14th century monks living in a monastery on Mount Athos. You can mix it with water but it turns cloudy white or develops a faint blue tinge, and served with ice or you can have it as shots.

It will clam you down, therefore good for insomniacs as it helps you relax. It works as an antiseptic and works great for toothaches as well. It is a great solution for congestion. Ouzo works well when the temperature is high and dry, as it thins the blood.

Scandinavian glogg

Scandinavian glogg
Scandinavian glogg is basically hot spiced wine; it is a potpourri of spices and red wine, port, and brandy.

The tradition of spicing and heat wine goes back to ancient Rome and Greece. Different countries have different variations to this wine.

This concoction of spiced wine makes you feel warm. A heart warming recipe for a cold winter's day!



This drink is an all time favourite for any occasion around the globe. Today there are several kinds of beer and different brands. Chilled beer of different pursuits is gaining popularity among Indians.

It is an age old beverage among the European countries and the benefits of beer are plenty. From beer being a natural hair conditioner to a cure for upset stomachs, it can also reduce osteoporosis. Dark beer works as an anti-aging drink; it contains high levels of anti-oxidants.

Around the world, beer is mixed with herbs like ginger. It's helpful for morning sickness and rheumatoid arthritis.



Brandy works as a digestif and is traditionally drunk at room temperature. Distillation as a process was common in Rome and Greece, but this spread to other European countries too.

Brandy is traditionally distilled from grapes but different countries have their own versions like peach and apple brandy.

It is a well known fact that brandy will keep you warm and aids to improve your cold. In the military, men were given doses of brandy to help them last through troubled times. Brandy is also a sleeping aid, anti-oxidant and stress reliever.



This French Liqueur was created by monks from 130 spices in the 1600s as a health tonic. It is also known as the "elixir of long life".

Chartreuse works as a digest. But it could be the secret to a long life. If you can get your hand on Chartreuse, expect to live long and prosper.

Source: India Times

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