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10 Amazing Health Benefits of Drinking Warm Water In The Morning

Warm Water

An adult body consists of 60% water. We need to constantly replenish to ensure we’re hydrated and fully-functioning. We can go without food for several weeks, but a body without water will not survive for more than a few days. It’s a life source, and the importance of drinking water regularly cannot be over-emphasised.

The best way to ensure you get enough, is to start the day with a cup of warm or hot water. Physicians recommend starting your day this way, for a variety of reasons, including:

1) Warm Water In The Morning Has Healing Properties

Forget a cup of tea or coffee, with their tannin content, bleached tea bags, scorched coffee beans and additives (not to mention the sugar, sweeteners and whatever else). As well as being our natural life source, warm water is healing. It helps with digestion, and can reduce metabolic waste in the immune system (substances left over from excretory processes). These include nitrogen compounds, C02, sulphates etc…

Contrast this with the effects of drinking cold water (especially during or after a meal). Cold water can harden the oil in food you’ve eaten, creating fat deposits in the intestine. And even worse if you’ve added ice to the equation – this only serves to strip the water of its natural minerals, which are essential to keep the digestive tract healthy. One of the best health benefits of drinking warm water in the morning.

2) It’s An Internal Cleanser

A lovely, gentle way to get your insides working again. Liquids help food to break down in the stomach, and warm water in the morning will do this much more quickly than cold, making it easier to digest.

3) Hot Water = Healthy Hair!

The health benefits of drinking warm water in the morning for your hair lies in its ability to energise your hair’s nerve endings in the roots. It stimulates them into being more active, which in turn means your hair will be more vital and healthy. And it helps keep your scalp moisturised and dandruff-free too!

4) It Can Help Resolve Constipation

Little or no bowel movement is a common but difficult problem that can build up over time to cause numerous issues. It’s also frequently a problem with a change of routine – for example, people who may work shifts and can’t establish a regular pattern, or maybe when people travel abroad on holiday. From bloating and excess wind, through to sickness, lethargy and longer-term, more serious complaints, constipation is something that affects us all at some stage.

Bloating and straining could be avoided if we were adequately lubricated, so drinking very warm water in the morning on an empty stomach can help tackle this by breaking down foods and enabling them to pass smoothly through the digestive tract and bowel. In other words, remnant foodstuffs can decompose much more easily, making the movement of the particles smoother and less painful through the intestine. Result? Immense relief and avoidance of potentially harmful ailments like diverticulitis or cancer, in the future! This is especially helpful for women, who have so many more hormones than men to deal with.

5) Warm Water Alleviates Pain

The heat from warm water taken internally can alleviate a variety of ailments, from period pain through to headaches. With its calming effect on the abdominal muscles, it allows them to un-cramp and spasms to cease. The heat aids the flow of blood to the skin, helping it to relax the cramped muscles.

6) It’s Also A Huge Help When Trying To Shed Excess Pounds

Warm water will increase the temperature of your body. This in turn will raise your metabolic rate, which will then allow the body to burn more calories. The higher the rate, the more efficiently it can work. It can also help the gastrointestinal tract and kidneys to function even better.

7) Your Blood Circulation Will Improve

It’s all about the knock-on effect. The warm water helps the body process things better and faster. Muscles relax, free radicals and fat deposits are removed from the nervous system, toxins flushed out, and blood circulation is enhanced. This is great news for anyone with sluggish circulation, or who suffers from feeling lethargic.

8) Warm Water In The Morning Can Slow Down Premature Ageing

This is something everybody should know about – after all – who wants to look years older before their time? As we get older, the regeneration of the skin cells slows down. We lose elasticity and tone – it’s a natural process, but one that can be alleviated by following this advice. On the flip side – too many toxins in the bloodstream can lead to skin cells ageing faster, which obviously can make a person look older. It stands to reason then that by eliminating the toxins, you’re giving the skin cells a much better chance to renew at a normal level, repairing and preserving that all-important elasticity.

9) Warm Water Can Clear Nasal and Throat Congestion

Have you ever had earache which spread to the throat? Or felt blocked in the sinuses which then went on to cause ear ache? Ears, noses and throats are inter-connected, so chances are if one is hurting, it will spread to the other areas.

Whether it’s blocked sinuses, nasal passages or a sore throat – then warm water can help remedy it. The water dissolves phlegm, aiding its removal from the respiratory tract, another one of the amazing health benefits of drinking warm water.

10) It Can Help Eliminate Acne

Whether you’re a young person whose skin is breaking out for the first time, or an adult with late-onset acne, hot water can help as an internal cleanser, eliminating the root causes of acne-related infections.

Ways To Pep Up Your Morning Water

Hopefully by now you’ll be convinced of the major benefits of warm water in the morning, but if it’s not to your taste then why not try adapting it a little. Try a squeeze of lemon (tips on lemon water) for extra tang and freshness. Or if you really can’t bear it plain, then use a herbal tea bag – something like ginger or mint for a refreshing start. It’s just important that it’s warm or hot, in order to reap all the benefits mentioned above.

Ultimately – it’s all about keeping hydrated, keeping everything on the move, free of toxins and ‘bad stuff’ inside your body. And it’s a great way to start your day, knowing you’ve given your body the helping hand it needs to be the best it can be. Nutrition made simple. Enjoy the health benefits of drinking warm water in the morning and make it part of your Pro Gains meal plan.


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