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7 Foods to Keep You Healthy All Winter

Vitamin C

In the winter, it can be a struggle to keep healthy. Many people come down with common colds, the flu, or intestinal bugs during the winter season from November through February. Getting a flu shot can help with some illnesses. Additionally, you can practice good hygiene by thoroughly washing your hands, not coughing in our hands, avoiding touching your face, and staying away from people who are sick. If you get sick, you can help prevent the spread of viruses by staying home. But, what can you do to stay healthy and still be around people for four months in the winter?

It is important to improve your immune system to help ward off viruses, be positive, get some needed exercise, and get adequate sleep. Additionally, to help stay your healthiest, you need to eat these foods.

Fruits and Vegetables Rich in Vitamin C

Vitamin C foods are the first of the foods to keep you healthy all winter. Vitamin C is vital to boosting your immune system. By adding in fruits and vegetable to your diet, you can get an adequate supply of vitamin C. in addition, fruits and veggies provide you with much-needed energy.


Spinach and Zinc

Zinc is another good source for immunity boosting. During the winter months when viruses are running rampant, get some extra zinc. A good source of zinc is spinach and legumes.

Red Meats

Red Meats and Iron

Another of the foods to keep your health within the winter time is foods high in iron. Iron also supports a healthy immune system. What foods contain high levels of iron? Iron is found in red meat, lentils, and green leafy vegetables. If you can’t eat enough iron, then add an iron supplement.


Fish for B12

B12 contributes to the optimal functioning of your immune system and reduces fatigue. To get an adequate amount of B12 in your diet, try eating fish, cheese, and eggs.


Beets for Your Gut

The net food to keep you healthy in winter is beets. Beets fuel your white blood cells to attack viruses and bad bacteria in your gut so that the good bacteria can flourish.


Blueberries and Antioxidants

Blueberries have the highest concentration of antioxidants among all types of fruits. Antioxidants assist with your body fighting off toxins and unwanted substances in your body.


Turmeric Inflammation

The last of the foods to keep you healthy all winter is actually spice. However, it is just as important as all the foods. Turmeric can fight the inflammation from processed foods that lower your immunity. As a result, turmeric also helps boost immunity by relieving inflammation.

In Conclusion

Staying healthy in the winter can be a challenge. However, by eating these foods to keep you healthy all winter, you will build your immune system and stay strong and active all winter.

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