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Banana Peel Remedy That Treats Headaches In 20 Minutes

banana peel, banana

It might sound unreal, but this banana peel remedy can help you get rid of those painful migraines and headaches. And it shouldn’t take you more than 20 minutes!

For how long are you suffering from a monstrous headache? More than 47 million of Americans suffer from headaches of a different kind.

If you till now thought the only solution for headaches are OTC pain relieving pills, then it is time to change your mind! You can have a sure cure with a simple banana peel remedy.

Surprised? Then hold the thought; there is so much more you need to know about bananas. First, let’s discuss the process that can help you treat headaches.

Banana Peel Remedy For Headaches

All you need is a banana peel, a few ice cubes and a few drops of lavender oil. Here’s how to prepare this simple banana peel remedy:
  1. Take a banana peel and a few ice cubes.
  2. Tape the ice cubes with the peel.
  3. Add a few drops of lavender oil (optional).
  4. Lie down comfortably and switch off the lights.
  5. Put the banana peel on your forehead, and within minutes your headache will go away.
  6. Continue this process for at least 20 minutes to push away those terrible headaches.

Why banana peel remedy works? Banana peels are extremely nutritious. Here’s what Dr. Victor Marchione said about banana peel (1):
  • Contains more fiber than the fruit itself;
  • Has lutein, which is good for your vision;
  • Is very rich in potassium;
  • The more unripe banana peel is, the more antioxidants it contains.
Banana peel also contains Vitamins (B6, C and B12), pectin and magnesium.

When you put the peel on your head, the skin starts absorbing all these nutrients. Among these, the best nutrient that helps reduce the headache is potassium.

Although there’s no scientific research regarding this banana peel remedy, most of the people who tried it experienced amazing results, even faster than by taking painkillers.

I would say this home remedy worth a try, since it can’t do you any harm. Give it a try!

banana peel, banana

7 More Uses For Banana Peels

Is banana peel only good for curing headaches? The answer is NO! There are so many more health benefits you will achieve from this amazing peel:

1. Prevent Frost Bites

Rub the peel on your hand and then handle all cold products. It makes a layering on the skin that protects your hands from ice burn or frost bites. (2)

2. Aids Sleep

These peels also help you sleep if you are suffering from sleeplessness or partial insomnia. Drinking a banana peel tea (3) before going to bed will help you to sleep better.

This means you don’t have to bother your body anymore with medicines like sedatives.

3. Increases Potassium Level

As you have seen, these peels are extremely rich in potassium. So, if you lack potassium or magnesium, there is no better and natural way to increase all these minerals in your body naturally, than by eating banana peels.

4. Helps Weight Loss

With its high fiber contain, banana peel can help you to shed those extra pounds by getting rid of hunger pangs. Here are some tasty banana peel recipes. Give them a try!

5. Improves Vision

Lutein is a major ingredient in banana peels. It will help you to prevent cataract and enhance night vision. (3)

6. Prevents Anemia
Banana peels will provide oxygen to the cells all day and night long. This prevents the red blood cells from breaking down unnecessarily. This means it can partially suffice anemia problem too.

7. Boosts Mood

Don’t believe? It improves your mood as it has a ‘feel good’ neurotransmitter in its peel. You can bake, fry, make crisps of banana peels and eat it. Go see for yourself how it elevates your mood instantly!

Never throw away the extremely healthy yellow skin again! Pick the banana peel remedy you need and start getting better in a natural, healthy way.

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