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Sticky Sinuses? Here’s How You Can Breathe Easier!


Sinus congestion is usually a result of inflammation in the mucous membrane and/or blockage of the sinus openings, which prevents air from reaching the paranasal sinuses. Many say “my sinuses feel stuck”.

There are four pairs of sinus cavities. Their role is to warm, filter and moisturize the air that enters into the nasal passage ways. The tiny ostia-sinus drainage ducts, connecting the sinus cavities to the back of the nose, which are the diameter of a pencil lead (2mm), get blocked. It doesn’t take much swelling to block these tubes. When operating efficiently, these ostia ducts are a link to provide the flow of air and mucus. With the first sign of congestion, left unattended, many sinus sufferers will then experience:

  • Mucus build-up and heavier mucus
  • A sinus headache, sinus pain and pressure
  • Numerous other symptoms which begin the “Sinus Sufferers Cycle” of another sinus infection.

At Sinus you will find solutions to target underlying causes that create symptoms, reduce inflammation that can cause congestion and other sinus symptoms, eliminate candida overgrowth, and build a super strong immune system.


Sinus Survival recommends these products to relieve congestion:

Sinus Survival Herbal Spray

Sinus Survival Herbal Spray Use a few times per day for preventative care to keep nasal passages moist and in their natural state. Take every few hours if you experience congestion.

 Sinus Essentials Oil

Sinus Essentials Oil Add a drop or two on the forefinger and rub between the thumb to swipe the outside of the sinuses for a soothing relief. Use after the Sinus Survival Spray. Many athletes enjoy using before practice, competition or during yoga. Dr. Ivker has uses this invigorating peppermint oil and jojoba blend and the Sinus Survival Spray daily to maintain “Hawaii like conditions” for his sinuses.

 Sinupulse Elite Irrigation System

Sinupulse Elite Irrigation System Use during allergy season and cold and flu season, also during the first sign of congestion. The pulsatile unit has been proven to restore proper ciliary action and to remove the biofilm which can impair the cilia. This unit also removes pollens, bacteria and unwanted particles from the sinus cavities to avoid further sinus symptoms, shorten the duration of a cold and avoid sinusitis.

 Steam Inhaler

Steam InhalerUse directly following the Sinupulse Elite for maximum effectiveness. Use a few drops of Sinus Survival Peppermint Oil, Sinus Survival Tea Tree Oil and a few sprays of Sinus Survival Eucalyptus Oil in the steamer for its soothing action and healing properties.

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