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Beware : Don’t Ignore These Colon Cancer Signs And Symptoms

colon cancer, colorectal

Colon cancer symptoms (or colorectal cancer or bowel cancer) affects the large intestine or in the rectum. In the United States, One in 20 people is at a risk of developing colon cancer in their lifetime.Warning colon cancer symptoms However, the exact cause of this cancer is unknown but it may develop when the healthy cells turn to abnormal and grow in numbers.

This will accumulate in the colon lining and forms as polyps.The condition, if left untreated then it becomes cancerous. Some reasons that increase the risk of developing colon.Here in this article, we are going to know the signs and symptoms of colon cancer and how to overcome this problem with an early treatment to get faster recovery.

1. Constipation:

colon cancer symptoms: If there is a tumor present in the colon than it becomes difficult to eliminate the waste elements. This causes constipation with a few bowel movements per week. Then consult your doctor to find out the root cause of your problem.

2. Blood in Stools:

colon cancer symptoms Generally, whenever the veins in the back passage get fragile then it causes little bleeding during a bowel movement it happens due to hemorrhoids. This bleeding will be in red color but if the bleeding is in dark red or black blood in your bowel movement, then it is a colon cancer symptoms.Consult your doctor if you suffer from this problem frequently for proper diagnose and treatment accordingly.

3. Narrow Stools:

colon cancer symptoms Due to the presence of a tumor in the left side of your colon, it will obstruct the passage of bowels and leads to narrow stools with the pressure that build up in the colon.It can be a cause of colon cancer (or) diverticulitis (or) if find any changes in your bowel movement or stools.

4. Diarrhea:

If a tumor like substance obstructs the bowel movements, then there will be an alternate problem of constipation and diarrhea that caused due to leakage of liquid stool. Then you will experience certain colon cancer symptoms like stomach pain, gas, irritation at the intestinal lining and vomiting.colon cancer symptoms It is not a good sign to have a constant feel of having a bowel movement or to strain without a stool is passed. This change can be a sign of your Symptoms of Colon Cancer that was caused when a tumor blocks your bowel and restricts you from emptying your bowels completely.

5. Unexplained Anemia:

colon cancer symptoms We know that anemia refers to less count of red blood cells (which carries oxygen) in the body. Unexplained anemia is also caused due to colon cancer symptoms. The attack of cancer on the right side of the colon will result in iron deficiency which is caused due to bleeding of tumor in the digestive tract can lead to blood loss.

colon cancer, colorectal

6. Unusual Abdominal Pain:

If you’re suffering from the pain or tenderness when touched your lower part of your abdomen, then it can be a sign of tumor growth in the colon, digestive tract or rectum. Though, having abdominal pain is found common in the people who are later diagnosed with the colon cancer symptoms.The reason for abdominal pain is due to a tumor block in your colon that restricts the blood flow and causes severe pain.

7. Fatigue and Weakness:

colon cancer symptoms Feeling fatigue or tiredness or weak is an early symptom of colon cancer. From the above point, we came to know that polyps in the colon will lead to anemia which in turn causes lower oxygen levels in the blood.

8. Weight Loss

Sudden unexplained colon cancer symptoms weight loss can be an indication to any serious health problem including this colon cancer.The tumor growth will result in loss of appetite and affects your metabolism which in turn causes weight loss.

9. Bloating and Gas:

If you’re suffering from gas and bloating with any of the above-mentioned colon cancer symptoms then it can be an indication of a tumor growing in your colon. A tumor which develops in the colon will obstruct the passage of gas, solid and liquid wastes from the body. It finally results in progressive gas and bloating.


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