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Coffee Is The New Cure For Baldness

Coffee Is The New Cure For Baldness

YOU survived the ice bucket challenge now scientists want you to pour something hot over your head — your latte.

This is because coffee has emerged as the latest cure for baldness.

Sadly for coffee aficionados, consuming the brew as a drink won’t save your receding locks.

You’ve got to rub the stuff directly into your head.

If you find the idea repellent it’s a step up from traditional baldness remedies like the Ancient Egyptian’s hippopotamus fat, Hippocrates’ pigeon droppings and the ultimate — castration.

In Australia to promote the caffeine cure Dr Wolff Company’s Dr Adolf Klenk says scientists got interested in the power of coffee to promote hair growth when it was banned by the sports doping agency until 2004.

baldness cure, coffee, caffeine

“We knew caffeine could penetrate the hair roots and we knew it was on the anti-doping list,” he said.

Hair requires a lot of energy during its growth phase and caffeine delivers energy, the anti- doping listing was proof says Dr Klenk.

Recent research published in the British Journal of Dermatology added to the evidence for caffeine as a treatment for baldness.

Dr. Kurt Wolff

Carried out at Germany’s University of Lubeck the study was funded by a basic research grant from the Dr. Kurt Wolff company.

It found when you treated an extract a human hair organ from a person’s head and treated it with testosterone and caffeine in a test tube the caffeine made the hair grow faster.

baldness cure, coffee, caffeine

More particularly caffeine worked to counteract the effect of testosterone in causing baldness.

“This study reveals new growth-promoting effects of caffeine on human hair follicles in subjects of both sexes at different levels (molecular, cellular and organ),” the authors found.

Dr Klenk says you could try drinking enough coffee to generate the same effect but you’d need to consume 40-50 cups a day, every day.

“It would be toxic to drink 50 cups of coffee a day,” he says.

This is why scientists have made a shampoo from concentrated caffeine.

Dr Klenk claims if you wash your hair with it your hair loss will fall by 20 per cent.

It’s no good if you’ve already lost your hair.

“When a guy is bald it’s really too late, if the hair root is dead and you can’t revitalise it,” says Dr Klenk.

baldness cure, coffee, caffeine

Instead, he says people should determine as early as possible if they are going bald.

Men over the age of 18 should comb their hair over the bathroom sink and count the hair that falls out.

“If it’s over 50 per day you could be going bald,” he says.

Using the caffeine shampoo from an early age will help keep the hair roots active and growing hair.

The treatment also works in women, he says.

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