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Use Lemons To Clear Negative Energy

lemon, negative energy

In this case, we will not be talking about any paranormal encounter or anything like that. Rather, we want to talk to you about how energy and bad vibes can influence your life. But more than that, we want to talk to you about how to eliminate them from your life.

A fruit that we all know and have used once in life is lemon. This fruit is loaded with vitamins and minerals essential for good health. But besides that, it has special properties to ward off negative energy.

Lemon is used since ancestral times by practitioners of Feng Shui and Buddhism. With him they have managed to keep away the negative energy and bad vibes of his life. For this, they perform very simple rituals that help transform your life in a unique way.

Those who have used lemon to eliminate negative energy have noticed great changes in their lives. This has improved for good and many are surprised by those who experience. Now, it is good that you know that there are different ways to take advantage of lemons in this aspect. Next, we will show you some of them so you can choose the one you like the most.


To prepare this ritual, it will be necessary to have a fresh lemon and cross it. In each one of the pieces you will place salt in grain and you will unify them in such a way that the salt is inside lemon. Then, you will close it and place it in your centerpiece or in a corner at the entrance of your house.

This will be enough to prevent bad vibes and negative energy from entering your home. When someone brings bad energy, it will be absorbed by the citrus immediately. As soon as you use it, you will notice a big difference in your life. You will see that you feel greater prosperity, love and abundance. This process must be repeated for at least 3 repeated days.


This ritual is very simple, because it consists of only bringing a lemon with us wherever we go. We can put it in our portfolio or in a jacket pocket. When it has dried, you should discard it and change it for another.

You will notice that, when traveling with this citrus, it will dry quickly. This is because in the street there are many bad vibes. Therefore, since it will absorb them all, it will dry much faster than normal.


Another way you can take advantage of this citrus in lemon juice. You can mix your juice with a little water to clean your amulets and accessories. In this way, you will remove the negative charges, bad thoughts and bad vibes of your home and your surroundings.

lemon, negative energy


There is a belief that if you prepare an infusion of lemon leaves and you take it before going to sleep for 7 continuous days, you will have more power in bed. According to many who have tried it, the results are fantastic from the first day.


The lemon is able to give you energy, attract love, abundance, prosperity and peace. That is why many appreciate it as a fruit of good. This is because the fruit comes from the element of water, which is known to be purified from people.

As you can notice, this fruit is useful for many things. Start using it to improve your life in a spiritual sense and you will feel much better. You will see that you will end up thanking us for having shown you this simple trick.

Source: In Shape Today

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