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The Length Of Your Hair Says More About Your Personality Than You Think

Our hair is one of the main aspects of our physical appearance, and now studies have revealed that the length of it can describe our personality points as well. 

See the pictures above and learn what the length of your hair and the shape of your face reveals about your personality:

The “Pixie” haircut

Wearing short hair means that you’re a sociable and mature person which usually makes friends for the long term. These people are usually smart when dealing with problems, and put comfort and appearance above everything else. They are energetic and impulsive as well, which makes them act without thinking sometimes, but by the end, they are always looking for a convenient solution to the problem. Everyone loves and respects these people as they do their work with passion.

The Bob

The Bob haircut is pretty popular nowadays and means that you’re an honest and simple person who always speaks the truth. You know how to achieve balance between your personal and professional life and always think fast. You like to experiment with things and hate routines. You are brave and not afraid of changes – you actually love them. However, you can sometimes be too moody, which can be a bummer.

Medium-long hair

The Lob haircut is for people who are comfortable with their physical appearance and who enjoy themselves. These people are happy with who they are and can always light up a friendship. They are usually smart and always trying to prove it in the simplest way possible. Other people are attracted by your beauty even when they don’t want to accept it.

Long hair

Long hair
Long-haired people are usually dreamers who love romance and are waiting for their prince to show up on a horse. They can be demanding, critical of others and jealous, but when they fall in love, they give it everything they have. People with long hair are emotional and never looking for a one-night stand. They’re also creative, but also disorganized due to the too many ideas in their head.

By Natural Health Magazine

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