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Parents Addicted To The Smartphone Affect The Development Of Their Children

smartphones, parenting

A study published in the journal Child Development evaluated 170 families in which there was at least one child with an average age of three years. Just the stage in which emotional, linguistic, social and behavioral skills are developed.

The researchers asked parents to record the number of times they interrupted their time with their children each day, to attend a smartphone.

11% said it never happened, 17% only happened once a day, 24% confessed that they did it twice a day and 48% revealed that they interrupted their time with their children three or more times a day.

Among the most revealing findings is the fact that the researchers found that when the distractions were greater, the children presented more behavior problems such as tantrums, violent reactions, and anger.

smartphones, parenting

In addition, other studies undertaken by AVG Technologies concluded that 42% of children (4 out of every 10) think their parents spend more time on their phone than with them. On the other hand, kids end up normalizing these behaviors and repeating them to the point of becoming addicted to their cell phones, just like their parents.

What about you? Do you pay enough attention to your kids or are you more focused on what your cell phone is doing?


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