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Stupidity Virus Can Decrease Up To 9 Points Of Your IQ

stupidity virus

It may sound like a spam email you will likely delete as soon as you get it, but Stupidity virus is real and it may affect you already! The first thing you will have to know is that the virus was confirmed by the scientists at Johns Hopkins University and the University of Nebraska. The name simply refers to the fact it literally affects your IQ.

Study Proves the Existence and Severity of the Virus

Scientists at aforementioned universities were able to observe and test 90 people and discovered that 44% of them suffer from ATCV 1 or as you know it, Stupidity virus. The virus is present in the form of green algae and it affects the throats of the people. It is also known that it decreases the cognitive functions.

Further research has proved that people who are affected by the virus will lose between 7 and 9 points of their IQ. The same people, who participated in the study did IQ test two times. The first time was before they were diagnosed with the virus and the second time after. It proved that all 44% of them had decreased IQ.

9 points of your IQ can make a massive difference and make you average intelligent, or above the average. It can also reveal its effect while performing complicated tasks or while multitasking.

Luckily, the virus isn’t considered to be dangerous and it doesn’t cause additional, side effects.

An interesting fact is that the scientists were able to isolate the virus and inject it into mice. The findings discovered decreased IQ in mice as well. Mice are commonly used in studies all around the world due to the similarity they have with humans when exposed to a virus or bacteria.

The Origin

Several studies were conducted all over the world in order to discover the origin and more insights into the Stupid virus. Probably the most productive research was conducted in Copenhagen, where scientists determined that this form of the virus is likely developed in a laboratory somewhere in the world.

Although questionable, this is the probable origin of the virus and it does serve a purpose. The same scientists added that the virus will simply make the human population less intelligent, which will make them more probable consumers, easier to ‘’process’’ and effect by the advertisement.

Yes, there are is a lot of debate across the planet about the virus and some scientists still don’t admit its existence, but we know that this form of virus actually exists and it may infect you already.

The Final Word

The next time you hear about the stupidity virus, make sure to check out. There will probably be additional studies and research that will help us prove the origin, the side effects and how to cure this virus. We only hope that scientists will be able to discover a cure and eliminate this virus from our lives once for all. After all, our intelligence is precious.


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