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I Pray, Forgive those who hurt me and Move on!

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Dear Father in heaven,

I lay down (person's name) to you. Lord, I am having a hard time letting go of the hurt that was caused by that person. Please help me to forgive and forget and to move on. But sometimes, the pain is too hard to let go of. For all the damage that was caused and for scarring me for life. It is hurting and bleeding. Help me to forgive and to bless them. I pray with faith and I choose to give it to you. For you to remove this pain and to heal me! When they (Tell Jesus everything about the pain that was caused by the person, family, friends, company or anyone), it crushed my soul. I give that hurt to you. Lord heal every inch of me that is being affected by this situation. I release them and the situation to you. Bless me and Prosper me. Lift my downfall for your glory. Thank you Lord for listening to my heart's cry and finding me a solution in this matter. I believe the revenge belongs to you and not for me to take any actions other than to pray about it. I love you Lord for being so kind and caring towards me.

Thank you for being my comfort. I love you Lord. I pray all this in Jesus name, Amen.

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