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If He Is Truly Interested in You, He Will Never Pull the Slow Fade on You!

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It isn’t difficult to find yourself wasting a lot of time and energy on someone that isn’t truly serious in the first place.

For example, a man approaches you and shows some interest, and you begin to text and talk on the phone. Perhaps he even asks you out and you go on a date.

He is friendly and he enjoys the challenge – the chase. He also enjoys the attention. He may be just as insecure as you are, and knowing there is a woman interested in him is a great ego boost.

Everything seems fun and exciting. However, all of a sudden, he pulls the slow fade on you. He just makes contact at random intervals. He begins to ignore you. It is like he ceases to exist.

The dating world is, without a doubt, confusing, and you may search for meaning in things that are meaningless. And it is OK if you need a little help decoding the signs if a man is trying to show that he likes you.

You do not know where you stand, but you feel like you are attached to him. You think about him a lot, discussing his words and actions with your bestie, and analyzing every single text he sends (when he bothers to send them).

You like him, despite the fact that he isn’t showing any signs he is truly interested in you. Perhaps he texts you back just to string you along. He enjoys the thrill of the chase, the “cat with a ball of yarn” scenario. He wants to remind himself that someone is attracted to him. He wants to be appreciated.

Perhaps he enjoys your company, but he does not see you as a long-term prospect. Perhaps he knows that the two of you have no real emotional connection or compatibility. Or he simply wants to get his numbers up.

Perhaps he does not feel enough interest or the need to make an effort. He isn’t interested in a committed relationship.

Despite what you may think are the reasons why he does not pursue you strong enough, the real reason is the fact that he is just not that into you.

If he is interested in you, he will make it clear by texting you, asking for your number, getting back to your texts and calling in good time, suggesting meeting up and trying his best to schedule a date, and expressing a desire to spend some time with you. If he does not do so, it means that he isn’t really interested in you.

If he does not call you, he does NOT want to call you. If he is interested in you, he will not let anything stand in the way. But if he isn’t, you can live next door, and he will not spend his time and energy chasing after you.

A man’s nature is to conquer, take initiative and show responsibility, but if he is just not that into you, he will not put forth significant effort to win over your heart. He knows that it takes a lot of courage for a guy to begin the process of pursuing a woman, so if he does not truly want you, he will not pursue you.

If he is just not that into you, he will never tell you “I just do not find you that attractive or interesting.” Instead, he will make many excuses as to why he does not go after you. He will tell you anything, and oftentimes even lie to you or beat around the bush to prevent you from feeling hurt. He will tell you that he is too busy, he isn’t the texting type, his career is his top priority now, he has some issues that he needs to deal with, etc.

But, you need to remember that he isn’t shy and he isn’t intimidated by you. He isn’t afraid of rejection. Also, he isn’t “really busy at work” or “not the texting type”—he is simply NOT interested in you; so do not make excuses for his behavior and find somebody else that treats you the way you deserve to be treated.

Do not chase after him if he isn’t willing to put in the effort to talk to you or spend time with you. Do not allow him to take you for granted. Do not beg him to notice you if he does not see your worth. Do not try to prove anything to him or show him that you are worthy of his time and love. Do not waste your time on something that is NOT meant to be.

[By Optimal Positivity ]

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