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Which Dark Stranger Things Character Are You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Stranger Things, Boy

Stranger Things has been the number one reason for the long list of horror/sci-fi TV series that emerged over the last couple of years. Of course, one particular TV show that stood out from all and caused turning heads from a billion of people around the world is Dark. Netflix’s Dark is an intriguing sci-fi series that involves time-traveling and explores its mystery. Although it is often compared to Stranger Things, the comparison is unfair - by all means, because everything is different: the plot, the characters, the very genre of the show, and much more.

In the beginning of the show, we are introduced to a group of characters and a lot of flashbacks from two other time periods, 1953 and 1986. As the show proceeds, the most unexpected things happen when you least expect it, the plethora of characters are only increasing iby number and the show becomes increasingly confusing, especially when in season 2 the directors of the show decided to add two more time periods (as if three were not enough), 1921 and 2053.

Since the show features some extremely well-developed characters, it was an easy job linking them to a sign from the zodiac with whom they share the most common personality traits. We have selected 12 characters from Netflix’s Dark TV show that reflect perfectly on 12 zodiac signs. Keep the why’s and who’s for later; now let’s get started with the list.

Aries: Ulrich Nielsen

Aries is known for their anger, impatience and impulsiveness, which is why we believe Ulrich Nielsen is a perfect Aries. Nothing stopped him from entering the cave following the disappearance of his son Mikkel. Ulrich is rebellious, resentful, unstoppable, yet caring and loving. When triggered, Ulrich Nielsen can become pretty reckless without thinking about the consequences for a second, to the point of attempting to murder a child “for a greater purpose”.

Taurus: Egon Tiedemann

Egon Tiedemann is a retired policeman (in 1987) who has been working tirelessly to discover the truth about the mysterious killings of two young boys. As a typical Taurus, Egon is a headstrong and self-reliant no-quitter who, when something needs a resolution, he goes for it with everything he’s got. He’s a hardworking, patient and loyal person and has Taurus written all over his personality.

Gemini: Charlotte Doppler

Charlotte Doppler is a clever, energetic and restless woman which is probably why she‘s the chief of the Winden Police. People born under Gemini have a lot in common with this authoritative woman in Winden, as they are equally goal-minded, committed to a goal and in love with solving problems. The first impression they give is that they are cold, too introverted and with a complex personality, which is exactly how Charlotte is seen throughout the TV series.

Cancer: Jonas Kahnwald

The main protagonist of the series, Jonas Kahnwald, is a 100% Cancer! Emotional, compassionate, with a great understanding of everything that is going around in Winden, but barely shares it with a few other people. Jonas is protective, caring and responsive and is trying his best to save his closest ones, traveling from one to another time period taking all kinds of actions without sparing himself. He is introverted and quiet personality type, yet deep and full of knowledge and understanding - just like literally any Cancer.

Leo: Agnes Nielsen

Agnes Nielsen is the sister of Noah and mother of Tronte and Claudia Tiedemann and she is one of the few time travelers we are introduced to. She appears as a figure that likes to be adored and center of attention, which is in Leo’s nature too. Agnes Nielsen looks like she always has a plan and she does. Ruthless and broad minded, she shot point-black her own brother Noah, the opposite of what Noah ordered her to do: shoot Adam.

Virgo: Adam

The leader of Sic Mundus (the Travelers) is an analytical, patient and emotionally strong person, just like a typical Virgo. In the end of the second season we learned that he is actually the future self of Jonas who’s trying his best to not break the cycle, but perpetuate it so that young Jonas can become Adam. His commitment to his goal is best seen when he travels in 2019 to shoot young Jonas’ love interest, Martha Nielsen. A Virgo in Dark would undoubtedly play Adam or at least some very similar analytical and patient character.

Libra: Claudia Tiedemann

What do Claudia Tiedemann and Libra have in common? A lot! She is a time traveler and the main opponent of Sic Mundus,daughter of Egon and Doris Tiedemann. Peaceful, idealistic and trying to keep the harmony of the world, Claudia is an ally to Jonas and she had H. G. Tannhaus build a time traveling machine for Jonas so that he can close the wormhole and break the cycle. Unlike Libra, though, Claudia is a bit more decisive, because she’s always making decisions in a rush and under pressure with the very existence of the world at stake.

Scorpio: Noah

The very look of Noah screams Scorpio, right?! Hanno Tauber, or shortly known as Noah, is a mysterious priest and a time traveler who seems to have influenced a lot of events that happened in Winden. As every Scopio likes to justify their actions, Noah believed he was working towards a greater purpose, which was to elevate humanity by controlling time travel or re-arrange events in a manner so that they can escape the predetermined cycle of suffering. In his quest, he’s seen doing cruel and fatal experiments on children, although he believes that is only an essential step towards a greater good.

Sagittarius: Elisabeth Doppler
Charlotte’s and Peter’s daughter, Elisabeth, is a rebellious girl who is seen both as a little girl and a survivor of the apocalypse and leader of the group of survivors. Although deaf, she’s a confident and extroverted girl, just like a typical Sagittarius. Elisabeth is a tough one and a natural born leader. She and Noah eventually had a child together, Charlotte, who eventually gave birth to Elisabeth Doppler, her own mother (Bootstrap Paradox).

Capricorn: Aleksander Tiedemann

The director of the Winden Nuclear Power Plant is a Capricorn in the blood. Goal-minded and committed to the bone, Aleksander Tiedemann (or previously known as Aleksander Köhler) is a serious and confident person, a caring husband of Regina and a good father of Bartosz. This businessman is every Capricorn’s goal, because he is everything a Capricorn wants in life: successful businessman with big authority.

Aquarius: H. G. Tannhaus
The tech-obsessed one is always linked to the Aquarius. H. G. Tannhaus is a common clockmaker in the city of Winden and the grandfather of Charlotte Doppler. He is the author of the book “A Journey Through Time” in which black holes, wormholes, time travel and similar topics are covered. Smart, visionary and inventive, Tannhaus is a lot like Aquarius. He committed over 33 years of his life to explore the concepts of time travel and probably played a significant role in the opposing side of Sic Mundus having made a time traveling device for Claudia.

Pisces: Helge Doppler

Quiet, introverted and shy like a typical Pisces, Helge Doppler is a weird child who have been quite unfortunate. After being beaten by Ulrich Nielsen in 1953 with a rock in his head, he travels to 1986 through the wormhole in the bunker, where Noah meets him and “gives him purpose”. Helge assisted Noah to kidnap children for experiments, which was an easy job since he’s lost and very gullible. The traumatized Helge is a sad and confused person as a consequence to his multiple childhood traumas.

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