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Welcome to the hottest eyelash trend of 2020. Curly Eyelashes. Don’t you just love them?!?

Curl Eye Lashes

Okay, It’s possible you don’t exactly LOVE them. Ha!

Curl Eyelashes

Sofie Peterseen, a Danish makeup artists, creates some truly artistic lashes on these willing individuals. They are WAY more for aesthetic pleasure, than they are for actual functional, day-to-day lashes.

There are some people that have likened these lashes more to pubes than actual eyelashes. I mean, I want to give Ms. Peterseen some artistic credit, but I think these people may have a point.

Curl Eyelashes
Courtesy of Sofie Peterseen on Instagram

I’m not going to say I hate them. I’m all for artistic makeup. These lashes, though. Yikes.

They might be fun to wear to a fancy party. You, know, the kind of party that celebrities are always getting paparazzi bombed at.

Curl Eyelashes

I don’t know. Would YOU try it?

I might try them if they were dyed a dark shade of purple, or something that distinguishes them from pubic hair — but only for, like, a special occasion. I’m not walking out of the house on the daily like this!

They might be fun for a funky photoshoot. I’m not talking, like, a family portrait. I’m talking about an artsy photoshoot, where you wear clothes that you wouldn’t normally wear, and fix your hair in a crazy updo.

Curl Eyelashes
But, everyday wear? No way. Nope. I’m out.

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