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To My Dear Ex-Boyfriend – I Just Want to Thank You for Helping Me Understand I Deserve More

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There’s a phase in life when some people reach when everyone around them is either married or committed to a long-term relationship. All their friends are in loving partnerships and all they have to say for themselves is that they’re trying. This can be a rough period for some and it may pressure them into making some rush decisions or commit to people who don’t really deserve them. But the truth is that we can’t all find our soulmates in the same time so instead of settling for the first guy that comes along, use this time to enjoy yourself and your freedom.

Of course, some may say it’s easier said than done, but those who’ve been in toxic, unfulfilling relationships, like me, know that the alternative is so much better. If there’s one thing I want to thank my ex is for opening up my eyes and helping me see I deserve much more. This was the wake up call for me and exiting that toxic relationship is the best thing I’ve ever done, even if I stay single forever.

When you rescue yourself from controlling behaviors you finally realize how much better you’re off on your own. Instead of feeling bad that you’re single all the while your friends are working on starting their families, think about how you’ve actually dodged the bullet. If you hadn’t made the decision to leave, you would have had to put up with someone’s narcissistic, controlling and disrespectful nature. You shouldn’t feel bad that you’re single, you should feel proud of yourself for having the guts to exit this torturing, long-term relationship that honestly wasn’t going anywhere.

Once you get to terms with your newly discovered freedom it’s time to start thinking about yourself and everything that you can do now that you’re single. You can start working on your self-improvement and you can start rediscovering yourself all over again. It’s going to be hard at the beginning, I have to admit it, but you need to be strong and not let yourself cave under the pressure. Once you get over the initial shock, you’ll want to thank the person who made you see just how much you were missing out on life. Your ex is the reason why you’re on this journey of self-discovery and he’s the one who made you see you can do much better.

Thanks to your ex, you will now be able to chase your dreams and make them happen. You finally mustered the courage to walk out on all the drama and toxicity, to say your goodbyes and finally set out on your own journey. That takes a lot of strength and you need to be proud of yourself. So why are you letting yourself feel down for being single? You decided not to settle and now there’s a whole new world of opportunities waiting for you to discover it. Now you have the chance to do all of the things you postponed while you were in a relationship, all the things you’ve missed out on while you were too busy trying to work on your relationship.

You should be grateful to your ex because, unintentionally, he made you the strong person you are today. Thanks to his bad behavior, thanks to him pushing you away you didn’t make the biggest mistake in your life. SO yes, thanks your ex for making your life miserable because that’s what made you rise up from the ashes and rebuild your life again. Now you’ll enjoy yourself and you’ll search for someone who will respect you and appreciate you for who you are, someone who will make you happy and will fight for you every single day. Until you meet that person, don’t feel bad for being single. It’s the best decision you’ve made!

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