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You Don’t Owe Anyone Any Explanations About These Things

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Do you often come to a situation where you need to explain yourself for something? We often feel the need to explain our decisions or religious views to people who don’t have a say in it. This has been dragging you down in the mud without you being aware of it.

Why do we do it? Have we been raised that way? Why can’t we just live our own lives without explaining what we do or think? After all, if it doesn’t hurt anyone, you’re not doing anything illegal.

Your life is your own and not anybody else’s business. Below you can see a list of things you don’t need to explain yourself about. 

Religious and Political Views

Who you support in politics or what you believe should be no one’s business. Everyone has their own view of the world and we all have the right to believe in anything we want. If your friends or family pressure you into explaining yourself, you should stay away from them. You don’t need to explain yourself to anyone for this – those are your own views and you should stick by them.

Being Single

People stick their noses in the lives of others frequently and it shouldn’t be like that. Don’t feel pressured by society for staying single. If that’s the way you like it, you shouldn’t explain yourself about it. Having a partner or not is your choice and there’s no person on Earth who can pressure you into explaining yourself about being single.

Your Living Situation

Hey, the way you live your own life is you’re your business – not anyone else’s. Live single, live with a roommate or live with your parents. No one has the right to question your choices or make you explain yourself about it.

No Children

More and more young couples don’t like to have children and that’s OK. No one should make you feel bad about it or explain yourself. Don’t want to have children? That’s your choice and others are fools for needing and explanation about it.

Physical Appearance

Some people like to hit the gym every day and get ripped, others are just fine with a bit of weight gain. If you’re satisfied with your looks, you don’t need to explain your physical appearance. If they love you for who you are, you won’t need to explain yourselves.

Life Priorities
Some people want a career before having a child, others want it the other way around. Your life priorities are your own choices. You don’t need to explain yourself to them – whatever your priorities are, they’re yours.

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