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ginger juice

Ginger is considered to be among the most beneficial spices. It can be added into different dishes and protect your health, too. When you cook ginger, it releases some of the best essential oils that you need in order to have good health. One of the best ways to consume ginger is in the form of tea.

Here are 9 of the best benefits ginger can offer for our health!

1. Anti-stress

Its taste and aroma are really pleasant. Ginger can help us have a relaxed mind and body. It recovers our nervous system and decreases emotional stress.

2. Alleviates Nausea

Ginger is especially good against an upset stomach. You only need 1 cup of ginger tea a day to alleviate any stomach problem. 

3. Improves Digestion

Our gut and intestinal health become improved with the help of ginger. It is especially good against bloating and heartburn.

4. Stronger Immune System

Ginger is abundant in anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties which can improve our immunity very fast. Only 1 cup of tea every day will repel any virus.

5. Painkiller Properties

Any kind of ache will disappear with the help of ginger: flu, cramps, colds, join or muscle pain, migraines etc. You can also prepare some ginger tea and put a cloth dipped in it onto the painful spots. It can also do wonders against the terrible menstrual cramps.

6. Improved Blood Circulation

Ginger is abundant in amino-acids, minerals and vitamins that are amazing for our cardiovascular health. It also serves as blood cleaner which later stimulates our blood flow, so we end up having more oxygen and stroke becomes prevented.

7. Bye-Bye Breathing Problems
The anti-inflammatory properties of ginger make it amazing against respiratory problems like: colds, allergies, mucus build-up, asthma etc.

8. Improved Fertility

Many experts recommend ginger for men because it is considered to be a natural aphrodisiac. It improves the stamina, the sexual performance and it fights any fertility problem. 

9. Prevents Cancer

There are numerous studies which prove that ginger can prevent the growth of cancer or even destroy any cancer cell.

Studies On Ginger

There have been numerous researches and studies done on ginger. There was a study from 2011 which proved that ginger can help against liver diseases because it destroys any excess of fat and our liver becomes healthier.

A study from 2012 proved that ginger is excellent for a great kidney health, too. It eliminates any free radical which eliminates any inflammation, so renal failure becomes impossible.


Ginger Tea And Its Consumption

If you want to obtain all of the best health benefits, you need to consume ginger tea every day. This is the best recipe which will help you the most!

You Need:
  • 1 piece of ginger
  • 2 cups of water
  • 1-2 slices of lemon

Leave the water to boil. Then, combine all of the ingredients in it and leave them to simmer for 10 minutes on decreased heat. The tea should be left to cool down. You can drain the lemon and ginger from the tea and only drink the liquid.

This cup of amazing tea is what you need to achieve optimal health. Enjoy the rich taste!

A cup full of health, indeed!


Tomatoes are available all year round and they can be incorporated into your diet in so many different ways. Did you know that they can also be used as beauty products, allowing you to become a better version of yourself without spending a lot of cash and applying toxic chemicals on your skin?

In this article, we will talk about the reasons why it’s a good idea for you to rub a tomato on your face.

Make sure that you repost this on your various social media sites afterwards so that your beauty-conscious family and friends who are into all-natural beauty solutions may also learn why they can head to the kitchen and reach for a tomato than go to a facial center each time they are bugged by a cosmetic issue.

For a Glowing Complexion

A tomato is slightly acidic, and that’s why it is capable of gently removing the topmost layer of your skin. You don’t want that topmost layer to hang around because it’s comprised of excess dead skin cells that make your complexion look lifeless. Thanks to a tomato, you can glow even without applying tons of shimmer powder.

For an Even Skin Tone

You may also rub a tomato on your face if it seems like it doesn’t come with an even tone. The juice of a tomato has the ability to neutralize excess melanin, a dark-colored skin pigment. With the regular rubbing of a tomato, you can achieve an even tone without the need to get your hands on expensive bleaching creams.

For Improved Appearance of Scars

Day and night, you may rub a tomato on scars left behind by pimples and acne, as well as wounds due to an accident or a medical procedure. A tomato has vitamin C that encourages the growth of new skin cells, plus it also has the ability to eliminate excess pigments, in particular the dark-colored ones, just like what’s discussed earlier.

For Reduced Lines and Wrinkles

Thanks to its vitamin C content, a tomato can help reduce fine lines and wrinkles. That’s because vitamin C encourages the production of collagen, a type of protein that makes the skin firm. By firming up your skin, those fine lines and wrinkles that add several years to your look can be reduced without you undergoing the knife.

For Delayed Skin Aging

Aside from making your skin firm, rubbing a tomato on your face also helps shield the skin cells from excess harmful free radicals. As a result, the aging process of the skin can be considerably reduced. A tomato is not only capable of reversing skin aging signs, but also keeping them from striking in the first place.

For Controlling Shine and Excess Oils

Do you have a face that constantly shines like a greased frying pan? All you have to do is rub a tomato on your face. The juice of a tomato is capable of breaking down excess skin oils, thus putting an end to unwanted shine. A tomato can control excess oils in another way, and it’s by means of the ones that is discussed next.

For Shrinking Large Pores

It is via your pores that oils produced by the sebaceous glands reach the topmost layer of the skin. And that’s why by making those open pores closed, oiliness can be kept at bay. Rubbing a tomato on your face is a great way to shrink those large pores so that you can take and post all of the selfies that you want!

To use a tomato to enjoy the above beauty perks, allow its juice to stay on your skin for a couple of minutes. Afterwards, rinse it very well with water.

Moringa, Moringa Juice

Moringa oelifera is known as “nature’s medicine cabinet” because it is loaded with minerals and 
vitamins, that can be an effective remedy against many kinds of sickness.

Its leaves are rich in Vitamins which plays an important role in maintaining the body’s health.

Let’s get to know more about the Health Benefits of Moringa, Moringa Juice Recipe and its Essential Nutrients.

Moringa, Moringa Juice

Health Benefits:

1. Moringa has anti-cancer compounds or phytochemicals that help prevent the growth of cancer cells.

2. Moringa leaves helps strengthens the body’s immune system.

3. Moringa contains four times the calcium in milk, so it is advisable for lactating mothers to consume Moringa leaves, to produce more milk for their babies.

4. Moringa contains 3 times more potassium in bananas.

5. Moringa tea can help in healing inflammation of the tendons and joints .

6. Moringa can help normalize blood sugar level, which can help in the prevention of diabetes.
7. Moringa containts the Vitamin C content as seven oranges.

8. Moringa contains the essential properties which helps in improving the reproductive health especially men.

9. Moringa contains 4x the vitamin A in carrots.

10. Moringa help controls blood pressure, relieves headaches and restores skin condition.

Moringa, Moringa Juice

Nutrients of Moringa Juice:

1. Calcium – Is vital for strong teeth, bones and help prevents bone diseases
2. Protein – Is important for muscle development
3. Potassium – For healthy brain
4. Vitamin A – Prevents skin, eye, heart diseases
5. Vitamin C – Fights cough, fever, colds and flu
6. Vitamin D – Prevents cancer

Moringa Juice Recipe:


1 cup water
1 cup Moringa


1. Remove Moringa from stems.
2. Mix 1 cup Moringa and 1 cup water in a blender.
3. Extract the juice and enjoy! (1Millionhealthtips)

avocado, egg, tomato

Do you have thinning hair and brittle nails? This vitamin will strengthen your nail and hair, while also help develop new growth.

Vitamin H or most commonly known as Biotin, is part of the complex B vitamins. Biotin helps the body metabolize carbohydrates and fats, maintains proper function of the nervous system and improves hair health.

Although it is not common to have a biotin deficiency, alcoholics, chronic smokers, people with Crohn’s and/or liver disease, pregnant women and anyone eating a diet of mainly processed food, is most likely to have a deficiency. Symptoms are cracking on the sides of the mouth, dry eyes, scaly skin, hair loss and depression.

Also nerve tissue, sweat glands and bone marrow function at their optimum efficiency when you have proper Biotin levels.

Hair, Nails, Biotin

Sources of Biotin:

You can get your dose of biotin through these foods:

1. Avocados

Avocados are loaded with many minerals, vitamins, fiber and protein. It also contains biotin. Serving size per 100 grams, 485mg of potassium and 160 calories.

2. Eggs

Eggs provide a large amount of biotin. Serving size per 100 grams, 13g protein and 155 calories.

3. Mushroom

Mushrooms contain biotin, healthy nutrients and minerals that are good for nails and hair. Serving size per 100 grams, 19% RDA of Iron and 38 calories.

4. Salmon

Salmon contains high levels of omega-3, protein content and biotin. Serving size per 100 grams, 20g protein and 208 calories.

5. Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower seeds are a good source of magnesium and biotin. Serving size per 100 grams, 81% RDA of magnesium and 584 calories.

6. Other Sources:

Biotin is also found in some cosmetic products such as shampoos, which helps in strengthening hair. It can help increase the volume of hair and keep the scalp healthy and and flake-free.

Hair, Nails, Biotin

How to Use Biotin:

To have a stronger and fuller hair, continuously use biotin for about 6 months. This will result in healthier hair follicles. This will also reduce hair breakage which will make hair grow longer in a shorter period.

Biotin also helps in maintaining the glossy color of hair because this vitamin continually replenishes the follicles and roots. It also helps to prevent breakage and thicken nail cuticles. Also it can help in stimulating new nail and hair growth as well.

It is recommended that you take 500-700 micrograms per day initially. Then the amount can increase to 1000 micrograms. Results may be seen after taking the biotin supplements consistently for about 3-6 months.

What to Do When You’re Horny And She’s Not

It’s a tale as old as time. You’re in the mood, but she’s not. Or she’s in the mood and you’re . . . well, who are we kidding, you're always in the mood.

Maybe you have moves that can occasionally change her mind, like that thing you do when you kiss her neck right there, or the way you stroke the backs of her knees just right. (For starters, check out the techniques in How to Pleasure a Woman, the ultimate sex manual from the editors of Men's Health.)

But sometimes, even your A game gets you nowhere. Should you know when to fold ‘em?

We asked Amy Muise, Ph.D.—a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Toronto who researches sexuality and relationships—for tips on how to turn that “no” into a “yes, yes, God yes.”

Why her? Because her current research is all about the struggle between his-and-hers libidos, and why they don’t always line up. This phenomenon is so common, it actually has a name: desire discrepancies. In one of Muise’s studies, 80 percent of people had experienced a desire discrepancy with their partner in the past month.

Sometimes, she tells us, it’s just the way you’re getting started.

“A person might not like the way sex is being initiated,” Muise says. “Or she might be interested in closeness or some type of affection, but not sex. She might have had a stressful day and just needs some space.”

All of these reactions are perfectly normal and not a reflection on you or your desirability. But it becomes a problem, Muise says, when you sense that she isn’t interested but “make initiation attempts anyway—pretending not to notice (her) disinterest.”

What should you do instead? Muise recommends just talking to her. Don’t let the sex you want but aren’t getting be the pissed-off elephant in the room. And we don’t mean pouting because your advances are refused. We mean asking questions. Something straightforward like “Is there anything I can do to get you in the mood? This strategy may not necessarily change her mind, Muise says, but “if she is asked the question, she may realize that spending some time relaxing, or being affectionate, might get her in the mood.”


But if she says no, Muise recommends that your next question is to ask her for a raincheck. Yes, those exact words. “Can I have a raincheck?”

It sounds silly, but it demonstrates that

A) You’ve accepted that it’s not happening tonight, so she doesn’t have to keep rejecting you again and again before you get the point, and

B) You’re not upset, and you’re already looking to the sex you’ll be having tomorrow or the next night.
“If a person is understanding about their partner’s need to not have sex, it is more likely that their partner will be motivated to meet their sexual needs in the future,” Muise says.

Demonstrate to her that you’re willing to wait. Do it gracefully and without judgment or pushiness, and the next time you ask, well, let’s just say that good things come to those that wait.


There are many spices that offer significant health benefits, but it’s tough to top ginger due to the various number of positive benefits. And, unlike other popular daily supplements, ginger tastes great, too.

The reason that ginger is very good for you is due to a compound known as gingerol. This substance is anti-inflammatory, meaning it can relieve swelling and pain. Also, it is an antioxidant that neutralizes harmful free radicals in your body. This can reduce your risk for cancer.


Health Benefits of Ginger:

1. Acid Reflux Remedy

Acid reflux can occur based on the type of meal you ate, or just due to your particular anatomy. Some individuals are especially prone to it. In any case, it is disruptive and painful.
Ginger is great at reducing acid reflux that its active substances are used in acid reflux medications. Some research have shown that consuming ginger every day, whether added into your meal or in a special tea, it can eliminate acid reflux all together.

2. Better Digestion

When discussing the benefits of ginger, you simply cannot miss its benefits for gastrointestinal system. For individuals who are suffering from digestive distress very often, ginger is a great remedy and should be included in the daily routine.

3. Reduces Cancer Risks

According to the Doctors at the University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center ginger is an effective remedy for fighting ovarian cancer cells. It is much safer and faster in killing cancer cells as compared to the platinum-based chemotherapy drugs which are prescribed to ovarian cancer patients. Also, it was found that ginger is a powerful remedy for preventing intestinal and colon inflammation.

4. Reduce Inflammation

Inflammation is a defense mechanism that is useful when an infected or injured portion of your body needs to be isolated to limit damage to other areas. But, the inflammatory process is not very good at recognizing when that inflammation is helpful, and when it just hurts.

Therefore, people with chronic inflammatory conditions such as arthritis can experience a lot of relief from consuming ginger. This same capacity makes ginger perfect for healing after injuries of all kinds.

5. Weight Loss

With the increasing incidences of obesity, weight loss has become a priority. Have you tried all sorts of workout and diets regimes and nothing worked quite well for you, then you should try adding ginger into your diet.

Ginger is a perfect way to re-activate your body metabolism, so you can come back to your normal figure. Also, it helps in keeping you full for longer, so you do not consume too many calories in one go.

 Take You For Granted

Nobody wants to feel abused, taken for granted and deemed irrelevant, especially by someone you’re in a romantic relationship with. However, this is often the case and it’s a common problem many people face nowadays. It usually happens when you’re too committed to a relationship while the other person sees it as a passing fling, or when you see a future with someone while that someone doesn’t really see a future with you.

However, this is not a problem that people only face in romantic relationships, there are people who are taken for granted everywhere they go, in their friendships, work relations and even in their family and they find it difficult to form strong, lasting relationship with anyone around them. If you’re one of these people who are often taken for granted by the majority of people in your life you should consider that it may be something you need to work on. Maybe this is a sign that you’re doing something wrong and you need to figure out how to fix it because no one wants to feel this way. If you often feel like you’re being taken advantage it may be a sign that there’s something wrong with how you’re acting with others. Maybe you’re giving them too much liberties and you accept everything you’re being told to do so in the end, you’re the one who ends up being hurt. Somehow you always end up in relationships where you’re being taken advantage of – which means that you need to change something in your behavior.

The first thing you need to do in order to get out of this never-ending cycle is understand why this happens to you in the first place. And if you don’t know where to look for the answer, here are a few points that may help you resolve this matter quickly and effectively. 

 Take You For Granted

3 Reasons why people may take you for granted 

You’re too committed to your relationships

You may say that there’s no such thing as being too committed but as a matter of fact there is, especially if the other person is not as much committed as you are. You need to thread carefully if you notice that someone is not as invested in the relationship as you are. You need to give it some time and see how it progresses because sometimes you can give way too much way too soon and that is what got you in this mess in the first place.

Don’t make yourself an easy target by laying it all out in the open from the start. Make the other person work a little to figure you out and earn your trust and affection. Love yourself a bit more so that the other person can see that you’re a worthy person deserving of their love. 

You don’t know how to establish boundaries

Whether it’s a romantic relationship or a friendly one, boundaries are very important. When you establish healthy, proper boundaries you simply draw your line in the sand and you tell the other person that’s how far you’re willing to go. You’re actually telling the other person that you need to be respected and that you won’t let them cross these imaginary lines. With this, you’re actually standing up for yourself and you are telling them that if they cross these lines there will be consequences. Make sure your boundaries are loud and clear and that you mean business. You won’t let anyone mistreat you or take you for granted.

You just assume that everyone is going to take advantage of you

our past experience may force you to make this assumption but this is not the right thing to do. When you assume that you’re going to be abused, it’s eventually going to happen – it’s the simple law of attraction. Don’t let your past experiences ruin your chances for a good relationship and try to change your thinking. Sometimes a simple change of mindset can make a world of difference, try it out and see for yourself.

Aren’t toxic people the worst? They always work behind your back and want nothing more than to suck your soul out and use you for their sick goals. They will take advantage of you and manipulate you any chance they can and they will deny any wrongdoing when confronted. You can’t expect a toxic person to apologize when they make a mistake. They will play the victim – it’s in their blood. There’s always an ulterior motive for these people. Don’t believe them for a second even if they mutter the words “I’m sorry”. They don’t truly mean it, and sinister intentions might yet be hiding behind those words.

We all make mistakes. It’s only human to do wrong as we’re not perfect. Apologizing for those mistakes is the right thing to do. That’s what separates normal people from toxic people – the latter believe they can’t be wrong. Even if the facts aren’t in their favor, toxic people will find excuses to justify their behavior. They believe they’re perfect and that they never make mistakes. They always play the victim and try to blame others. Since they genuinely don’t believe they can be wrong, they never apologize.

Try to call them out and you’ll be the one apologizing in the end. Have you ever tried to reason with toxic people? It’s impossible. They’ll turn the tables around and you’ll end up feeling guilty. Keep in mind these people are master manipulators. They will never reflect on the things they’ve done wrong – it’s always yours or someone else’s fault.

Loving such people is an impossible task. To be honest, you have to be at least a bit insane. Toxic people are very confident and that’s admiring in the beginning. However, as your relationship moves forward, you’ll realize that you’re locked in a prison with them. Toxic people don’t grow. They are impossible to live with and will never change or improve themselves. They are the best, they are perfect, they are the most successful. You can’t outdo their achievements – even if you try, you’ll regret it in the end. Whenever you try to point out something wrong they’ve done, you’ll end up apologizing instead.

Don’t do this to yourself. Don’t ever try to get in a relationship with toxic people. You’ll suffer for it. Even when you try to leave them, they’ll do anything to make you stay. Don’t believe it for a second – it’s a trap. These people only want to control and manipulate you, so don’t waste your time on them. You deserve better.

Ghosted, Ghosting

Let’s be honest now and admit that almost all of us have been ghosted at one time or another and we didn’t know how to deal with it. Unless you live in medieval times and have no access to the Internet you too have been a victim to or have ghosted someone and moved on with your life. But why is ghosting becoming so popular in today’s modern society? Have people lost all decency and have no respect towards other human beings? Ghosting is hurtful and disrespectful and we believe we all deserve better.

The answer to why is ghosting becoming so popular lies in the fact that we live in the digital era. The majority of communication nowadays is made via the social platforms and it’s becoming easier for someone to simply vanish if they don’t want to continue further communication. It’s not that ignoring someone or silently erasing them from your life is new, it’s been around for centuries but today it’s much easier to do it. It’s even becoming a sort of online phenomenon and everyone is wondering what got us here. I guess it’s the fact that nothing conveys the message better than “seen” when it comes to ghosting and don’t pretend that you don’t know what we’re talking about.

There are so many different ways you can end a relationship so why is ghosting the number one choice for so many people?

Online Dating

If you’ve found your partner online, like many of us have and you believed that everything is going well. It may not be the traditional way of meeting someone, but online dating is rather popular. Many people find their soulmates via social media, so why couldn’t we? There were no signs that things weren’t going well and all of the sudden the relationship has ended. Why?

Well, it’s one of the simplest ways to end things without having to go through the awkward ‘we need to talk’ conversation. The fact is that people have gotten so used to dealing with things without ‘having to deal with them’ which makes ghosting the perfect solution to them. Calling it quits without having to provide any explanation is the simplest, effortless thing you can do and that’s why so many people resort to it. The social media has made it so easy for us to send the message we want to send loud and clear without even having to say a word. I guess it’s not a surprise we all use it for some purpose. The majority of us have been ghosted or have ghosted someone so we all kind of understand the concept.

Ghosted, Ghosting

How to tell if someone has the potential to become a ghost?

The most likely candidates here are people who have difficulties attaching emotionally or don’t even want to consider the idea. But in general there are some personality traits that are common in people who ghost others, such as:
  • People who are mysterious about themselves and don’t like to share too much information about themselves.
  • Passive personalities who avoid all kinds of intense, intimate discussions and avoid conflicts at all cost.
  • People who tend to disappear from time to time with the excuse they’re busy and show no sign of life for hours or even days.
  • Self-centered people who show no regard for other people’s feelings.
  • People who are used to dropping everything and quitting something just because it doesn’t suit them anymore.

How to deal with it?

Whether you’ve been ghosted or you have ghosted someone, you all have to agree that the practice is emotionally cruel. Many people start thinking that it’s something they did or didn’t do and start questioning their actions. They may even develop self-esteem issues and sensitive people may refrain from emotional connection for a while. But the truth is that ghosting has nothing to do with the person who’s been ghosted but more to do with the ghost himself. It speaks volumes about his personality and there’s nothing you could have done to prevented it.

If you’ve been ghosted here are a few advices that should help you move on with your life and forget all about this unpleasant experience:
  • You have to let go of it because overthinking it will not do you any good. After all, you don’t even need a person who isn’t willing to commit to you and invest in your relationship as much as you were going to.
  • Don’t stalk your ghost online, it really won’t do you any good. It can only make you feel angrier and fill you with resentment, which will make it harder for you to move on.
  • Don’t try to contact your ghost with the intention to clear things up and get a closure. If they wanted to give you closure they wouldn’t have ghosted you in the first place and that’s exactly the kind of conversation they were trying to avoid with their disappearance. Spare yourself from more cruelty and just let it go.
And lastly, having in mind the emotional damage ghosting can do, try not to be a ghost yourself.