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This Superfood Will Help You Eliminate High Cholesterol


We all know that having a high amount of cholesterol in our body increases our chances of developing a heart condition. Fortunately, this one nutrient-rich superfood is just what you need to help eliminate that risk.

Okra: Your One-Stop Superfood To Eliminating High Cholesterol Levels

High cholesterol, which is what happens when your body has too much of a waxy substance called cholesterol in your blood, can be dangerous if left on its own since it increases your risk of developing numerous types of health conditions that can negatively affect your life forever. One such health condition is heart disease, which usually happens when either our arteries or our blood supply is blocked or interrupted by a buildup of fatty substances. That fatty substance is cholesterol, and so keeping it in check all the time is essential.

Thankfully, something as simple as constant exercise and maintaining a healthy dietary pattern can help reduce any cholesterol buildup. Also, there are a lot of healthy food choices to choose from. One such nutrient-rich food is okra, which is usually also known as “lady’s finger” due to its appearance.


Cheap, easily available and prized for its green seed pods, okra is considered as a superfood. Additionally, it can easily help keep your cholesterol level in check thanks to a thick gel-like substance called mucilage, which actually binds to cholesterol during digestion, making sure that you can excrete them as stools later as opposed to getting absorbed into your body.

And if you still have any doubts, then there are research that prove this cholesterol-lowering process. One such study that lasted for eight weeks divided mice into three groups and fed all of them a high-fat diet containing 1 percent or 2 percent okra powder or a high-fat diet without okra powder. The study findings then showed that the mice on the okra diet eliminated more cholesterol in their stool compared to those that ate a different diet.

As such, eating okra or including it more in your diet is one sure-fire way of helping keep your overall cholesterol levels in check.

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