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Hard Times Will Always Reveal True Friends

Hard Times

When life's going well, so many call themselves our friends!

When life's going smooth, everything is in place, your career and finances are on track, all kinds of people from the nicest to the worst call themselves your friends.

They try so hard to be part of your life, not because they can contribute to your well-being, but because you can contribute to theirs. If they ask for your help, you do it gladly because it's important to lift each other up.

When things are great, everyone calls to see how you've been, they want to meet for drinks, visit you, and slip just a small request for a favor between laughs.

When things are good, the so-called friendships grow and bloom, because everything's perfect, conversations are fun, everyone's laughing and every gettogether is a party. There are no sacrifices or efforts to be made, and being there for each other is easy when it's just for fun.

But when things stop being so great, friendships are seriously tested, and few relationships make it.

Hard Times

Hard times always reveal true friends.

When times become difficult and you're facing a challenge, you'll see exactly who your friends are. Those who don't really care always run from the tough parts. When they have to sacrifice their time and energy to listen to you, comfort you, and support you through your struggle, most will just vanish. Some will return once you're back on your feet. Some will be gone forever.

This pandemic has shown us who our friends are.

This crisis has affected all of us. We've never seen anything like this. Most of us are struggling emotionally, financially, or both, and we could really need a friend. But sadly, many of our so-called friends are long gone.

Look around you. Those who are still calling you to see how you're doing, to cheer you up, and listen to you, even if it's on the phone, they're good friends. Those who offer to buy your groceries, since they're going to the store, they're good friends. Those who didn't 'forget' to call you back when you asked to borrow some money to survive, they're good friends.

Real friends stick together. They help and support each other. They constantly check on each other, and if there's anything one needs, the other one doesn't hide until the problem goes away. Real friends are there for each other, even if they don't meet. They stick together and make sure they both get through this.

Now's a good time to count your friends and see who stayed, and who went into hiding. Those who forgot about you in these hard times, don't deserve to be around you in the happy times. Because good times will come. And when they do, you'll share them with those who deserve it.

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